• 5 Ways To Grow More Confident In God

    What would you answer to those who by one hand or the other challenge your interest in these things, who would make you feel guilty if they knew the nagging uncertainty you were seeking to resolve through your search?

  • Understanding Faith So You Can Move Your Mountain

    Check out a video from our book Understanding Faith.

  • King David and the Cave of the Treasure

    Before David became king over Israel, he was a man on the run.

  • It was great to meet you...

    A big thank you to all who stopped by our tent at the Appleumpkin festival in Tecumseh, Michigan. For a small town, that is a big event. So what is an appleumpkin? Yeah, I had no idea either. All I know is that it has something to do with a local orchard. Which, by the way, has some tasty caramel apples. And– I don't remember the name of the corn dog trailer, but BEST EVER! But we did more than eat. We were there to work. Surprising I know. Congratulations to the winners of the giveaways.…

  • What Courage Looks Like In 2021

    Courage is the ability to do the right thing under great pressure, external and internal. Yesterday the civil leaders of Iraq showed us what this looks like.

  • What A 2700 Year Old Stone Has To Say About Deception

    What can a 2700 year old stone used for measuring weights teach us about deception? A lot it seems.

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