• Roe v Wade:What Just Happened?!

    I'm sipping iced coffee, listening to waves and checking messages and emails and what do I see? They've overturned Roe vs Wade?

  • What Jesus Really Said About The Gates Of Hell

    Sometimes Christians become numb to the Bible. We've heard the verses so many times by different preachers in different ways. We can recite them, but we don't pay attention to what they really mean. Jesus words in Matthew 16:17- 19 are one example.

  • How a Drought, A River, And a 3,400 Year Old City Came Together

    There are times archaeology has to submit to the needs of people living in the present. No matter how titillating the promises of discovery, resources are lacking and real life is more urgent. But then arises the rare second chance...

  • Coming Soon- Workbooks For Kids

    We are busy creating homeschool workbooks for kids on Bible topics for spiritual growth. We have six possible titles in the queue. Okay our "queue" is actually a planning board, but hey, we're working on it is the important thing. I am excited to announce we are almost done with the first draft on our first workbook!!!! As parents we want our kids to succeed. God as our parent desires our success even more becaus…

  • Lead Tablet From Mt Ebal: Who Knew A Curse Would Be So Welcomed

    You never know what you'll find in the trash.

    Near an ancient round altar on Mt. Ebal, originally identified by Adam Zertal as Joshua's altar, a folded lead tablet lay insignificant and undetected by the passersby. Approximately two centimeters long and wide, it was scooped up by Zertal's team and tossed on a dump pile. It sat there until another archaeologist showed up with a new technique.

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