• Lachish: King Sennacherib and Hezekiah

    Sargon II and Sennacherib had a curious relationship. While Sargon II let his son take care of daily chores round about the palace, he never invited him on military campaigns like other kingly dads.

  • Which prophet was lifted by his hair to the heavens?

    I know. That sounds weird. But that is probably not the weirdest thing that happened to this prophet.

  • Did King Solomon Have Monkeys and Baboons?

    Gold is not the only thing they brought back to Solomon. Every three years they brought him ivory, silver and monkeys and baboons. But were they really baboons?

  • Redeemed

    We are adding to our children's materials. Here is a video from our series Who Am I? Check out the workbook here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1960210017

  • Round or Square: The Controversy Over Jesus' Tomb

    The size and shape of the stone sealing Jesus' tomb has been studied and the results may differ from the images we are familiar with. Perhaps that isn't a big deal, but it could be if you take the arguments for a square tomb as fact. Let's take a look at the scholars' claims, and I'll give you five reasons the Bible disagrees with them.

  • Who Am I? Your God Identity

    We have been busy crafting workbooks for elementary aged children, and ta da! I'd like to introduce our newest title, Who Am I? Your God Identity. 

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