Israel's Red Heifer Update: April 2024

    At this time the Israeli government has withdrawn their support for the red heifer sacrifice to take place on Passover in 2024. While Shabbat Parah, the day set aside for the sacrifice, comes before Passover, there is no requirement for the Jews to hold it on that day because right now there is no Temple in which to celebrate Passover. Instead, priests wanted to perform the ceremony on Passover. As usual, the Torah portion of this ceremony was read on Shabbat Parah (Parsha Para).


    But then came the war. Hamas' announcement about the connection between the red heifers and the October 7th Massacre caused a lot of debate and controversy. There is some speculation about the truth of the statement from Hamas. Either way, Palestinians do not want a Temple to be built on the Temple Mount and refer to those desiring it as Jewish activists.


    But a red heifer sacrifice does not necessarily lead to the building of the Temple. It's purpose is to cleanse people and prepare them to be in the Presence of the Lord, to reinstate the Temple service and the final redemption as one rabbi explained.


    It also requires no altar. The same rabbi said there are a few hurdles to overcome, however. Like avoiding graves on the Mount of Olives and finding the the priest who qualifies to perform the sacrifice. But for so much planning to have already been done, I doubt these are hurdles. Rabbi Mamo told CBN they have the priests as we learned in the last post and that he has land on the Mt. of Olives.


    Rabbinical Jews are not deterred. There are still plans for the sacrifice to happen sometime in 2024 between April and May. As we all know, a lot can happen by then, and rabbis are probably going to be guarding what they report.


    At the red heifer conference at Shiloh, the heifers were named. Their names are a reminder of the purpose of the sacrifice and the condition of the hearts of the Israeli people right now. They named the cows Techiya (life-giving), Geula (redemption), Segula (virtue), Nechama (comfort) and Tikva (hope). 


    Revelation lets us know a Temple will be built in Israel. Bible scholars say it will be built with the help of a man who comes to make peace. He will be the one to befriend the Jews. This may be the man they will consider their messiah.


    Remember the Jews are not looking for Jesus to return. To them, He is a dead man and a heretic. They are looking for a man to form a physical kingdom. Jesus told them, "I am come in my Father's name, and ye receive me not: if another shall come in his own name, him ye will receive" (John 5:43). But this other man will be the antiChrist.


    The Jews will be deceived. Only some will escape when this man reveals who he really is. The Jews will ultimately be saved by Jesus their true Messiah, but the time before this happens will be horrific.


    As Christians who love Jews, we need to pray for them because the presence of perfect red heifers in Israel after 1,900 years and the provision for a Temple is significant. It may mean we are ushering in the days of the Messiah, the Day of the Lord and Jesus' return. But for unsaved Jews it will also mean a trial worse than the Holocaust or the October Massacre.


    Join with me and pray for the salvation of many Jews before that day comes.


    You can watch our video on the red heifer here.


    red angus image by Dani Marson from Pixabay


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