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According to legend, the eagle soars nearest to the Creator and bears His Message to all.

Bearing the Message of the Creator

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Besides the BookStore page there are other resources for you to use.


The Blog may be used to discuss current events and philosophy using a Christian worldview or Biblical studies for middleschool and highschool homeschoolers or adult and youth Bible studies. Lots of links and teaching material there. 


The Tips pages are full of helpful articles, recommended resources and how-to information. They are like mini-courses to help you. On the Teaching Tips Page are more freebies associated with Dee's fiction books. There are links to discussion questions and suggestions for recipes etc. relating to the books for clubs and homeschool co-ops.The videos offer teaching tips, lessons and information about our fiction and non-fiction.


 We have 20+ years of Christian classroom teaching experience. Ministry volunteers help us create content. Homeschool graduates who are now homeschooling their children are  contributors and assist in developing products. We exist to help make your job easier.


Free Resources are just that. Useful for individual or educational use. All we ask is that if you have found our materials helpful, please spread the word. Thanks!




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