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  • Are You Defeating Giants or Allowing Unbelief To Rule?

    I've been listening to a song lately. It's on loop while I make meals, wash dishes and do laundry. It says I am going to see a victory. The first line says, "The weapon may be formed, but it won't prosper."


    Just words you may think. It's a nice idea, but the circumstances are overwhelming. Actually that's been said before. A few times.

  • What 3,000 Year Old Leather Balls Have To Do With Genesis

    I have a well worn basketball that is loosing its covering. The kids don't seem to care. They still dribble and dunk it and leave it under the shrubbery until they go looking for it again.

    I have no idea how old this ball is. I do know it is not as old as the leather ones discovered in northern China. Those are 3,000 years old.

  • Archaeology and the Kingdom of Ararat

    Six years ago, Dishad Marf Zamua learned one man's seat is another man's ancient temple column. Zamua went to Iraqi Kurdistan to study artifacts he connected to an Urartian temple city called Ardini. This area is thought to have been a buffer region between the kingdoms of Urartu and Assyria. Zamua discovered the locals were reusing the ruins of temple column bases as seats or stairs. Talk about an antique.

  • Could Daniel Have Eaten This Babylonian Stew?

    It took almost seventy years and a French Assyriologist to understand the cuneiform tablets were ingredients for soup recipes and not pharmecutical tablets. Thank you, Jean Bottéro. If you are studying ancient Babylon or planning a Bible study and need the flavors of Babylon to make the accounts of Daniel and Necuchadnezzar come alive, here are two recipes, one for Babylonian stew and one for Tah'u Stew. Image by Calum Lewis courtesy of Unsplash

  • Update on the Face of God

    Here is an update concerning our blogpost about the supposed face of God figurine recently found in Israel. I'd like to add that Jesus is mentioned in the book of Revelation riding a white horse. The writing of Revelation was much later, and Israel did not have the understanding that was given to John, the writer of Revelation. You can find the original blogpost here. Image by Markus Winkler courtesy of Unsplash

  • How To Receive God's Wisdom

    Have there been tough times in your life and you didn't know where to turn to?  Do you have questions you need answered?  Has a circumstance come up and you are wondering what to do?  Did you or a family member receive notice from a doctor telling them they found something on the scans or x-rays?

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