This video talks about the character Alden Garrat in Warrior Heart. I can't say too much or I'll spoil the story for you.

Warrior Heart and Alden Garrat

Courageous Motherhood: Becoming the Mother You Were Meant to Be


Teaching Writing

Dee Farrell talks about how to teach writing to your children and what materials she recommends.

Once Upon A River

I am freezing in this video! It is blowing snow- but this is where the story started, and I wanted to share it with you. The narrative is cut short by snow trucks clearing the parking lot. Ah, Michigan... 

In this video Dee talks about the purpose of teaching and how it relates to youth ministries. Apologetics is a necessary ingredient, and she recommends her favorite resources.

The Purpose of Teaching

Dee talks about the methods of discipline and which ones are useful to children/youth ministry volunteers.

Discipline: The Longest Four Letter Word

To Teach Entertain and Inspire

Some tips for church volunteers on understanding and managing/ministering to at risk students. The term "at risk" doesn't have one definition or scenario. Many factors contribute, and at risk children can be found in affluent two parent homes.  Whatever the resulting problems, the solution is in seeking God, having a relationship with Him and being obedient to His way. This is where the ministry begins: introduce them to Jesus and pray for their healing journey.

Warrior Heart and Jean Baptiste

Teaching At Risk Kids 

This video talks about the character Jean Baptiste in Warrior Heart.

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