Are You Fighting the Good Fight?


    I can truly say with the Psalmist that God has filled my life with good things. But I have had my share of disappointments and prayers with a “No” answer.


    Disappointment, however, needs to be evaluated by the Holy Spirit. Right now I am dealing with a few situations that have had disappointing results. Disappointment breeds discouragement which throws me into a swirl of thoughts: doubt and the fear of failure. I slow my momentum. I stew on the doubts. I wonder where I made mistakes. This is the mindset into which Satan drew Eve.


    Satan is not a mythical creature anymore than evil exists only in our imagination. He is God’s enemy, a betrayer who defied his Creator and led an army of cohorts into mutiny against all that was good. It was a revolt against the role God gave to man.


    If it sounds like a Greek soap opera of gods, it is because the Greeks copied the theme from the original angel who was so beautiful he was called the angel of light. But beauty is not how God describes him anymore. Like an abusive manipulator, Satan cannot maintain his charm for long before he reveals his true character.


    Before I travel down this path of discouragement too far and risk being deceived, I need to check back in with God.


    I need to analyze my focus. Am I in the will of God?  This is a critical question to ask. In 1Samuel 23 David had asked the Lord about going to fight an enemy of Israel. When he told his soldiers his plans, they resisted. David went back to "inquire of the Lord." (1Sam. 23:4 NIV) Once he was confident of the answer, David acted. Those are the steps I plan on taking. 


    The truth is life is described in the Bible as a battle, a war and a fight. Christians are compared to soldiers for good reason. We are to take victory by force. It is a fight for words and attitudes. Our only offensive weapon (Galatians 6) is a sword which is the Word of God.


    Satan does not have a sword; he needs to use ours. His skill is twisting the Word, taking the Word from us and using it against us, thus taking the power of the Word and drawing us into doubt. Essentially, he gets our attention; we drop our sword; he takes it away. We stand powerless and defeated by or own hand.


    David could have listened to his soldiers' words instead of God's. He could have dropped his sword. But he would have never defeated an enemy persistent in raiding and killing his countrymen.


    Peter, a man who knew the sorrow of dropping the Word Jesus gave him, wrote, “Therefore be humbled under the mighty hand of God, so that He may exalt you in due time, casting all your anxiety onto Him, for He cares for you. Be sensible and vigilant, because your adversary the Devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking someone he may devour; whom firmly resist in the faith…” (1Peter 5:7-9 MKJV)


    Satan is not a lion; he roars like one. He hopes fear will make us back off from our goal, make us drop the Word God gave us. He wants to raid the blessings God has planned for us and destroy us if possible. We, however, serve the Lion of Judah, Jesus, who defeated Satan in epic spiritual battles. For a great example of how to win the battle of words  and "resist" Satan read Luke 4:1-13.


    Most of the time, just like David, our check back with God will reveal that we need to keep going. I discovered that I needed to become more aggressive in my word battle. Receive don’t wish. Claim don’t hope. Occupy not maintain. And again, just keep fighting. It is exhausting at times. But then, heaven is my rest. Life is not.


    Thank God my battle is not against flesh and blood people. I am not a strong person. One blow and I would be done. But I have received the Spirit of God into my life that I may know the things freely given to me by God. (1Cor.2:12 paraphrased) I can know His thoughts and speak His words for tearing down strongholds built by my spiritual enemy.


    I’m saying a quick prayer for you in your fight for your family, for purity, healing and provision. If you need encouragement check out Knowing God’s Will. It is free.


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