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  • Lessons I Learned From Prison

    Success can seem like a hard nut to crack. There are times that you give 100% and get zero back. The Apostle Paul went to Philippi to preach the message of living life in Jesus. While he was there he healed a young slave girl of a tormenting spirit. Only, her owners made big bucks for themselves by passing her off as a fortune teller. Delivered of the spirit, the slave was no longer profitable. Paul was hauled before the judges, stripped of his clothes and “severely flogged.” (Acts 16:23 NIV).…

  • Are You Fighting the Good Fight?

    I can truly say with the Psalmist that God has filled my life with good things. But I have had my share of disappointments and prayers with a “No” answer. Disappointment, however, needs to be evaluated by the Holy Spirit. Right now I am dealing with a few situations that have had disappointing results. Disappointment breeds discouragement which throws me into a swirl of thoughts: doubt and the fear of failure. I slow my momentum. I stew on the doubts. I wonder where I made mistakes. This is …

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