• Our Prayer for the #StandingRockCamp

    May Creator answer your cries and pour out His Spirit on your holy men and women, old and young of #Standing Rock. May He deliver you and give wisdom and provide you a firm path to walk. He desires life and health for all people, and we agree with Him concerning you. Amen.

  • Are You Fighting the Good Fight?

    I can truly say with the Psalmist that God has filled my life with good things. But I have had my share of disappointments and prayers with a “No” answer. Disappointment, however, needs to be evaluated by the Holy Spirit. Right now I am dealing with a few situations that have had disappointing results. Disappointment breeds discouragement which throws me into a swirl of thoughts: doubt and the fear of failure. I slow my momentum. I stew on the doubts. I wonder where I made mistakes. This is …

  • Driving With Eagles

    I was on my way into town, driving on the highway, when an eagle leaped to flight from the field alongside the road. It kept pace with me outside my truck window, flapping its majestic wings, eyes forward, for a quarter mile. Then it lifted, turned and flew toward the pines lining the field. I was thankful– and lucky not to cause a head-on collision. There are multiple nesting sites along the rivers near my home. It is always a thrill to see them perched high atop a tree or gliding overhead. M…

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