Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


    How do you pack thirty-three years of marriage, five kids (three now with spouses) and ten grandchildren in 900 square feet of space?

    I am learning. I’ve moved to a small cottage on the water, but sometimes I feel like I left my heart behind in the “little red house” where my husband and I forged a new life together— not his and hers but ours. It is where we raised our children and put down serious roots.

    I prayed to receive that house, and a verse, that guided me and encouraged me while I waited for my faith to be made sight and I stood in that house, adorns a mural my daughter painted on the wall.

    Now I stand in this one, the one I didn’t know I wanted, but is such a blessing that I have to pinch myself to realize this is mine; God gave this to me.

    As I sit enjoying my morning coffee, chaos surrounds me. The moving clutter needs to be reigned in before my family descends upon this little cottage for Christmas. Cookies, galettes are the desired tradition, need to be baked. Presents need to be wrapped, er, bagged this year, sorry. But hot mug cupped in my hands, my attention is drawn outside my windows to the beauty and peace this house is nestled into. 

    Deer feed under my oaks and browse the point of land forming a cove to the west. A fox gingerly walks the frozen water. Fat juncos hunker on the deck railing waiting for a nuthatch to finish its turn at the feeder, and Canadian geese plow the gray sky searching for a place to land.

    I know I have a busy day looming. But I pause to thank my Lord, my Creator, for providing for me. His mercy and grace is unlimited.

    I don’t know what you are hoping for or what your heart needs this Christmas. I do know that Jesus is able to give you peace amid chaos; He is able to provide for you. Open the Bible and read His words to you. Be filled with the joy of His presence, His beauty and peace before the rush of a new year overtakes you.

    Joyeux  Nöel and  Bonne Annèe from all of us at Flying Eagle.


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