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  • Was Jesus Really a Carpenter?

    Matthew 13: 55 tells us Joseph, the man who took care of Jesus like a father, was a carpenter. "Is not this the carpenter's son? is not his mother called Mary? and his brethren, James, and Joses, and Simon, and Judas?"

    Mark 6:3 tells us Jesus was a carpenter too. "Is not this the carpenter, the son of Mary, the brother of James, and Joses, and of Juda, and Simon? and are not his sisters here with us? And they were offended at him."

    Seems like a yes, right? But archaeologists are wondering.

  • How Misunderstanding God's Sovereignty Can Keep You Sick

    Recently I read a discussion on the verbs used in Exodus 15:26. The discussion was between those holding an extreme sovereignty view and others wondering if the Hebrew language has a permissive tense for verbs. Dr. Robert Young the author of Young's Literal Translation of the Holy Bible claimed there was such a tense in the Hebrew and others have insisted there isn't. I decided to do a little research myself.

  • Why Your Church Needs Apologetics

    Many Christians shy away from sharing their faith because the person they talk to may reject them. It's a possibility, even for those experienced in evangelism. Just ask Todd White.

  • What The Rise Of Atheism Really Means

    Have you ever wondered what the world would be like without religion? 

    I say religion and not God because I'm including all polytheistic and monotheistic forms of worship. In 2015, a Psychology Today article quoted a study by Ariela Keysar and Juhem Navarro-Rivera which found there are about 500 million atheists worldwide. It went on to say that is about 7% of the global population. 

  • Jesus and Saturnalia

    This time of year the internet is full of memes accusing Jesus and Constantine of hijacking the traditions of Saturnalia, an ancient festival honoring the pagan god Saturn.

    But Christians in northern Africa were celebrating Jesus' birth in December before Constantine was emperor. Perhaps because Jewish tradition stated great prophets were born in December.

  • The Surprising Legacy Hidden in the Christmas Story

    Christmas can be a difficult time if our focus turns to the godless hustle and bustle and we lose the meaning and purpose behind all our activities. Advice is plastered everywhere in November and December on reducing stress, simplifying, streamlining and embracing imperfection. Good advice, considering the first Christmas was anything but 2019 perfect.

  • How Ancient Elephants Help Us Receive Salvation

    Perhaps you didn’t know elephants lived in Israel? I admit, I never really thought about it, but the animals had to pass through there from Ararat to Africa somehow. Anyway, there are two sites mentioned in the article, one near the Golan Heights and the other near Kafr Qasem, about ten miles northeast of Tel Aviv. Why should this matter to Christians?

  • Beyond Eternal Life: What Jesus' Death Bought You

    As Christians we sometimes fail to realize what Jesus’ salvation has won for us. We sit at the cross, mindful of our sin. But Colossians 1:12 says God has made us fit to share in the inheritance of his saints. Most Christians think that inheritance is what is reserved for us in heaven. But the verses in Colossians are part of a prayer Paul was praying for believers to experience on earth. Remember Jesus’ praying that we are to ask for God’s will on earth as it is in heaven?

  • How To Continue To Hope In God's Word When Storms Chase You Down

    Are problems swirling around you, threatening to suffocate you in chaos? Take a look how Jesus handled a day full of trouble. It is a blueprint for us to use today.

  • Will God Answer the Prayers of Unbelievers?

    The quick answer is yes. And no. It seems to depend on the unbelief of the unbeliever.

  • How Living Inside Out Creates the Order We Crave

    Authors are a diverse group. No one technique or style defines them. It is their goal that unites them. They desire to communicate, to say something. Achieving their goal requires focused attention. The B.I.C. approach as I have heard one author explain it. Butt In Chair. I have taken that advice recently concerning one of our latest projects, Noah. I haven’t disappeared; I’ve focused, taken the opportunity God gave me every morning to be single minded, to finish. At least the rough draft. Je…

  • When Enemies Are Really Friends

    True friends are hard to come by. But in Matthew 8 and Luke 7 we see a host of them.

  • Transform Your Pain to Strength

    Life stretches you. Three words that combine into a common saying—easily rolled off the tongue in precise moments of reflection—which belie the pain threading them together. Experience grows. Empathy increases. Wisdom...comes. But, to the one on the rack crying out for it to stop. It is a common saying for common circumstances. Until the pain is yours. Then it is unique to you. If circumstances in your life are stretching you beyond your ability to cope, be encouraged that God has not left you …

  • Do You Hear God's Message to You?

    One of the best tips for writers and speakers is to know thy audience. In Luke 5:17 we read that one day when Jesus was teaching, teachers of the law and Pharisees from every town in Galilee and from Judea and Jerusalem came to hear him. Jesus knew His audience and had a message just for them. Jesus was so popular that He drew crowds wherever He went. Strange happenings followed. Miracles like the lame walking, the blind regaining their sight and lepers being healed were stirring up talk that …

  • God's Secret to Success: Part 1

    Success starts with a dream. It grows by believing in the dream. It humbly proceeds by patience and hard work. But patience is the longest word I know. My earliest experience with the word is negative. It involved waiting, waiting and...more waiting. As an adult, when the Holy Spirit instructs me through James 1:4-8 to "let patience have her perfect work," I inwardly cringe, the memory of the word washing over me. But a biblical definition of patience does not mean to tolerate a delay just for t…

  • Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    How do you pack thirty-three years of marriage, five kids (three now with spouses) and ten grandchildren in 900 square feet of space? I am learning. I’ve moved to a small cottage on the water, but sometimes I feel like I left my heart behind in the “little red house” where my husband and I forged a new life together— not his and hers but ours. It is where we raised our children and put down serious roots. I prayed to receive that house, and a verse, that guided me and encouraged me while I wai…

  • Do You Have Enough Faith to Walk Through Water?

    When the Israelites stood watching Pharaoh's army advance, they melted in fear. Surrounded by desert and faced with the sea, they began to doubt. Freak out may be a better visual. But God already had a way of escape planned. They just needed to do what He said. Move on. Years later when Joshua stood on the banks of the Jordan at flood stage, he told the priests carrying the ark to step into the water. Rushing water met their eyes and ears but faith in God's command moved them to put both feet…



    #DowntonAbbey: Where Can We Go When

    the Sun Sets on Our Fleeting Dream?


    #Downton Abbey is almost over. I can’t believe I’ve been watching a nightly soap opera for so long. But I loved it! My daughters and I phone, text, message and re-live over coffee the week’s show. What on earth is going to replace Lady Mary on Sunday night? I had no idea I would like or come to need that time in front of television or computer to get my Abbey fix. I, just like the Israelites slaving away making bricks in Egypt, was unaware that something wonderful was waiting for me. The…

  • How To Know God's Will For Your Life

    A Christian needs thoughtful pauses. Abraham heard God’s word to him. After his father, Terah, passed away we read, “Now the Lord had said to Abram…” (Genesis 12:1 NKJ), and Abraham obeyed (except that Lot was not left behind?). God would talk with Abraham several times. It is written that “Abraham called upon the Lord.” They had a relationship, and Abraham knew what God wanted to do in his life. During one conversation recorded in Genesis 15, Abraham tells God his heart’s desire to have a child…

  • The Rock For All Our Ages Is Jesus

    There are two pictures of seascapes hanging on the wall. One is of a sailboat heading out of a tree-lined harbor, its reflection mirrored in the water. Above it, windswept clouds are white against a bright blue sky. The other is of a weathered lighthouse like the Rock of Ages lighthouse near Isle Royal. The painted lighthouse overlooks a line of sailboats as they pass on the blue green bay. Below these paintings lies my father, his features reflected in those gathered about him in the dimly lit…

  • When It's Picture Not So Perfect

    The sky is blanketed with murky gray clouds, and there is a bite to the wind. This is not the sixty degree sunny Christmas the weatherman predicted. But this is Michigan. We’re used to the weather having a mind of its own. The Christmas at my house didn’t go as planned, and it wasn’t just the weather. The morning dawned with a phone call from the hospital. My father had arrived there by ambulance and was seriously ill. I left the house and last minute prep for our family Christmas in the hands o…

  • How To Speak Christian Vol.1

    Christianity has its own vocabulary. I learned it the hard way by hearing it and hoping for someone to enlighten me. Of course this was way before Google. Still, I thought it might be helpful to give you a rundown on some of the most used words from an inside the pew perspective. Born again. Not a Matt Damon movie but a state of being. This is the result of asking Jesus into your life. It is like starting over but now Jesus is on the inside of you. In Revelations Jesus says, “I stand at the …

  • Why We Should Live What We Preach

    Christians are strange. At least I thought so as a teen. Now, after I’ve been one for thirty plus years…yeah, Christians can be strange. I used to work in a town with a lot of transplanted southerners. They came to work in the car factories. You could always tell they originated from the south even if they didn’t have an accent by the way they stressed the first part of words. DEE-troit is not an original Michigander pronunciation. We say de-Troi(t) never really sounding the last t, a left…

  • Fashionable Christianity

    My daughter wants purple hair. I cringe at the images swirling behind my raised brow of gaudy strings of livid color. My mother’s mantra of understated elegance has been drilled into my head since birth. Her own look never strayed from natural hair, moisturizer and red lipstick. It must have worked because before she married my father she was never in want of boyfriends. I strayed from this model of perfection in my teens– strawberry blonde streaks and purple eyeshadow followed by my Marily…

  • Ezekeiel's Vision: A 20/20 View For Difficult Days

    The setting sun paints the clouds pink, and the white trunks of birches glow against the fading grass of the field. I am driving home, my thoughts racing through memories of many such sunsets and birches. It is an ache that persists, and I know its only cure is the day I am forever home. The emotion of loss is to be wrestling with grief on some level everyday. The ancient Israelites, huddled in Babylonian cities, spent their lives looking back, mourning the way of life and the temple they lost…

  • Three Questions Every Christian Should Know How To Answer

    If you are engaged in sharing the gospel today, you know that apologetics is the new evangelism. It is not enough to know what you believe. You must know why and be able to articulate it in words meaningful to the educated skeptic next door. Much like the Pharisees, the atheist may be able to get off by saying, “I don’t know”, but a Christian needs a ready answer. Below are three questions directed to believers. Before you consider them, let’s take a look at the belief that generates these q…

  • Is Biblical Illiteracy Changing America?

    According to Barna Group’s The State of the Bible 2014, Americans are not ready to give up their Bibles. They just don’t read them much. Is this rising illiteracy changing America? The short answer is yes. The long answer is yes, yes and yes. Frank Newport’s article, “Americans Continue to Shift Left on Key Moral Issues,” showcases a 2015 Gallup Poll on Values and Beliefs. When compared to a similar Gallup poll in 2001 the results suggest an increasing move away from Biblical morals. 68% b…

  • How to Live A Well Thought Life

    It has been said by numerous studies that today’s young adults are more educated and less happy than previous generations. Their unhappiness is understandable considering that their college degrees do not guarantee them a job. US News reported November 13, 2014, that the average college debt neared $30,000, and for some colleges it was closer to $50,000. I’d be unhappy too if I had to try to pay that off while working at Burger King. But finances are the tip of the iceberg. Advancing self tr…

  • Is Christianity a New Religion?

    Many educated people teach that Christianity began during the Roman Empire. I must point out that they are knowledgeable about history, but not about the Bible. These teachers rightly claim that Christianity begins with Jesus. But who is Jesus really and when did He arrive on the scene? God is the author of the Bible. He gave the words to men to write down. Among the books of the Bible, a clear picture of Jesus emerges. He is God. The apostle John gives a description of Jesus in the introduction…

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