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    Has an Archaeologist Found the Face of God?

    I may have shared something about this before, but it is in the news again. I'm not sure how far this story is going to go, so here is a heads up. Prepare those young minds in your care!

    An archaeologist has found a male figurine in Jerusalem he thinks may be a cultic image of God, dating to the 9th or 10th century BC. The same type of figurine has been discovered at other Judean locations too. 

    Now I probably don't have to say this to you, but bear with me because it still needs to be taught. Jews were forbidden to carve an image of God. Real believers who honored and knew God would not have disobeyed Him. Therefore if someone carved the image of God and put Him on a horse as one of the figurines display Him, it probably wasn't an honest to goodness Jewish believer.

    The Bible says no man has seen God. John 1:18 and 1John 4:12.

     So whatever the carving ends up being, and whoever it is supposed to be, it is not the face of God. You might say there is a verse where Jesus says if you see Him you have seen the Father, but nobody in the 10th century BC had met Jesus.

    Think of this.

    There were those who touched Jesus, who looked into His eyes and heard His voice.

    Someday we will too...


    Image by Idella Maeland courtesy of Unsplash


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