• Could You Explain Jesus' Trial to a Skeptic? 5 Questions To Answer

    There are skeptics who think the "courtroom scene" as told in the gospels is complete fiction. They say the gospels portray an illegal, nonsensical trial. Fortunately, archaeology and history do not agree.

  • Archaeology: Proving Genesis Right...Again

    Need more evidence ancient man was not so primitive?

  • 5 Ways To Grow More Confident In God

    What would you answer to those who by one hand or the other challenge your interest in these things, who would make you feel guilty if they knew the nagging uncertainty you were seeking to resolve through your search?

  • Laws, Lawlessness and Leviticus

    It is probably safe to say Leviticus is not many people's favorite book of the Bible. Deuteronomy may not rate much higher than Leviticus. But there are some good reasons for knowing what's in these books.


  • Has an Archaeologist Found the Face of God?

    I may have shared something about this before, but it is in the news again. I'm not sure how far this story is going to go, so here is a heads up. Prepare those young minds in your care!

  • How Ancient Elephants Help Us Receive Salvation

    Perhaps you didn’t know elephants lived in Israel? I admit, I never really thought about it, but the animals had to pass through there from Ararat to Africa somehow. Anyway, there are two sites mentioned in the article, one near the Golan Heights and the other near Kafr Qasem, about ten miles northeast of Tel Aviv. Why should this matter to Christians?

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