• Happy Thanksgiving!

    On Thursday many in the U.S. will be gathering with friends and family in an attitude of gratefulness. I will be one of them.

  • Me? Unthankful? Not Really...

    How many times do you say thank you a day? Alot right? At least we are supposed to.

    But the United States didn't make the top ten list of the friendliest, or most polite, places to visit. Michigan shares a border with a country supposedly legendary for their politeness. Michiganders have always raised our skeptic snow covered brows at that one. We are nice too...aren't we? Turns out, Canada made the list and Michigan didn't.

  • 5 Questions To Ask When Life Seems Stale

    The wind is driving waves passed the shore and over the railings and against the lighthouse on the pier. But amid all the noise of the waves, my favorite Victorian house, lined up next to its neighbors along the breaker wall, gleams happily on this blustery day. It is the color of buttermilk with blue-green shutters, and its window boxes are always impeccably dressed for the season. Today orange pumpkins and bittersweet vines bring a joyful warmth to the scene before me. Thanksgiving is a week a…

  • National Native American Heritage Month

    National Native American Heritage Month starts November 1. Native Americans have done much more for the Untied States than bring food to a picnic. Massasoit was a great man, but there are many others. Take the time to discover and honor them for the contributions to this country on every level. Please take advantage of the low price of our curriculum for National Native American Heritage Month. It is available for instant download, is adaptable for classroom or homeschool use and takes very lit…

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