Roe v Wade:What Just Happened?!

    Summer has officially begun. My office is my deck. I'm only half kidding. Here in Michigan, we may not be able to pick a governor but we know how to do summer.


    I'm sipping iced coffee, listening to waves and checking messages and emails and what do I see? They've overturned Roe vs Wade?


    I'm struggling for words as I share the monumental-ism of this event. Yes, I'm inventing words. Who cares? Do you HEAR what I'm saying?


    Perhaps it is hard for younger generations to understand the earthquake-like tremors I imagine rocking the spiritual atmosphere. These beautiful youths haven't lived with Roe v Wade being the cultural cement or felt the horror of it as long. I must confess I did not think SCOTUS would have the courage to stand up to all the noise and actually...do it.


    But they did. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you; thank you; thank you.


    And the craziness begins. Really it just continues. Only louder. I want to share some statistics with you from Michigan. I'm using Michigan because I hope some of the believers I know who are pro choice may understand it is not racist to encourage life. It is racist to continue to allow the lies that kill black and brown babies and at higher rates per population.


    For instance, in 2021 there were 28,409 babies aborted in Michigan. That number is lower than previous years. But­ 15,784 of those babies were black. Less than 10,000 were white. In 2020  there were a total of 19,341 black babies born compared to 70,426 white babies.


    So, over half the abortions were black babies, and compare the rate of abortions to births. Wow. Probably more than rape, incest and the life of the mother incidents, eh?


    In 2021, 165 Native American babies were aborted. The Native births for 2020 were 410. Native births in Michigan have been declining since 2014. 


    In 2021 in Michigan there were 795 abortions among Hispanics . There were 6,984 Hispanic births in 2020.


    But our governor has assured us, she will be fighting for the rights of the black and brown populations in our state to essentially kill themselves off. Thanks, Gretch.


    If you have time, check the abortions statistics for your state. Michigan aborts about 20% of its total births, but as you saw most of those babies are not white. So I'm confused when people argue it is white privilege to encourage life instead of abortion. Wouldn't it be enforcing white privilege to continue abortion?


     I hate talking about race. But hey, continue to speak life over this nation, and let's pray for real change. Like real families with real dads... 

    And don't forget to thank the Lord for His mercy on us!!!

    Image by Jonathan Borba courtesy of Unsplash


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