Recent Study Discovers Central Asia Was Important Area for Early Humans: Science Late To The Party Again

    A recent study led by Dr. Emma Finestone found Central Asia to be a place where the earliest people began to spread throughout the earth. Central Asia is the region where the modern "stan" countries are located east of the Caspian Sea and those to the west of it, modern day Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia.


    The report refers to the migration of these people as "hominin dispersals" and maintains that they traveled to Central Asia from Africa. This is the Out of Africa theory that is not as conclusive or backed by undisputable evidence as the article suggests. And, surprise– the study does not prove the people in Central Asia were from Africa.


    In fact, the researchers admit, "Yet we know comparatively little about the early occupation of Central Asia. Most of the archaeological material is not dated and detailed paleoclimate records are scarce, making it difficult to understand early hominin dispersal and occupation dynamics in that region."


    The Out of Africa theory has been modified to fit discoveries in Israel and elsewhere that predate the first assigned timeline. Now it is suggested pre humans, whatever those were, migrated out of Africa at different times, sometimes millions of years apart. Other scholars are reluctant to base an entire theory for migration out of Africa on one bone in Israel.

    Some believe the discovery in the Jordan Valley of Israel is the second oldest site beyond the borders of Africa. The age of these sites are disputed due to dating methods and interpretation of the facts. Older sites outside of Africa include those in the countries of Georgia (Dmanisi) and China (Shangchen). Some date these to be as old or older than those found at Gona in Ethiopia. Gona is/was considered thee oldest site.


    There is one thing interesting about the discovery in Israel, however. After studying it, researchers decided it was developmentally the age of a five year old and yet the size of an adult. In other words, it appeared to show unbelievable youth for an adult sized vertebrae. Would this be so unusual if people lived to be 400 or 200 years old like Genesis says? Of course that would never be considered in some researchers' circles. That's too...what is the word? Biblical.


    And it is also biblical to realize the dispersion of modern men began in Central Asia and why the earliest men and cities are found in these regions and those nearby. Central Asia includes modern Armenia and the mountains of Ararat, the place where God parked Noah's ark.


    I respect Dr. Finestone's research and the work of her colleagues. They may interpret their finds by their worldview, but the discoveries point back to the Bible whether they understand what they are looking at or not.  


    You can read the article on her study here


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    Image by Towfiqu Barbhuiya courtesy of Unplash.


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