Coming Soon- Workbooks For Kids

    We are busy creating homeschool workbooks for kids on Bible topics for spiritual growth. We have six possible titles in the queue. Okay our "queue" is actually a planning board, but hey, we're working on it is the important thing.


    I am excited to announce we are almost done with the first draft on our first workbook!!!!




    As parents we want our kids to succeed. God as our parent desires our success even more because it glorifies Him. Our workbooks will focus on identity and how the kingdom works. Packaged for elementary children, we hope to strengthen their walk with Jesus.


    Our books have always been the seed we sow into the lives of people  who are struggling to believe, who are unsure of God and His ways and for those searching to rise to the next level of relationship with Jesus. We want to introduce people to the Lord our Savior and Friend.  The same purpose is alive in our offerings for the children you love.


    Our hope is to offer you and yours the opportunity to build the confident trust we have in God for us in the household of faith.


    One thing though...


    While the workbooks do function as apologetic in nature by answering the big questions people have about God, we've focused the teaching on the Kingdom and not so much on biblical archaeology. Just so you know.




    Continue to pray for us as we step out in faith to be busy doing His work until He comes. (Which may be soon, eh?)


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