Silent Summer

Explain Eliza's emotions and thoughts about leaving her home to settle in the Michigan Territory.  Do you think her anger was justified? Why or why not?

How did her reactions to her father's criticisms set the tone for her life in the Territory?

Think about how you handle criticism. What advice would you give Eliza in the first few chapters?

How do you think her attitude influenced her relationships with the other girls whom she met?

What began to change Eliza's perspective about Papa's dream? Have you ever had a goal that required others to sacrifice? Explain.

Describe Eliza's reaction to the troubles they experienced. How would you have handled the challenges differently? Why?

People deal with pain and loss in relation to their worldview and their connection to God. Choose a character and analyze them from this perspective.

Why do you think there was a reservation near by?

Explain why Andrew felt a kinship with the Pearces.

At the end of Chapter 13, do you think Eliza really understands Jolie's circumstances? State reasons for your answer.

Explain Eliza's relationships with Jesiah and Jolie DuBois. If Eliza's friends had been the Weatherby girls, how might her life have been different?

Think about those closest to you. How do your relationships affect your faith, your decisions, your future?

How did God use Jolie DuBois in Eliza's life? How might the story have changed if Jolie never shared her testimony?

Read Matthew 5:13-16 and explain it in your own words.

What do you think will be Uncle Louis' reaction to Eliza's decision?


For Discussion


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Once Upon A River

What would you have done if you were Adelle in "The Plan Unfolds" ? Why?

What influences Reynard to think the way he does toward the Wendat? What experience do you have that has formed your loyalties?

Why does Old Coyote favor Reynard?

What would you have said to Yellow Sun if you had the opportunity in "Providence"?

Is Jean Baptiste a moral character? Why or why not?

How did Adelle "pick up" her prejudices toward Native culture and what began to change her attitude?

What influences do you see emerging out of both societies, French and Native, as a metis population arises out of this contact period?

How is America affected today by its melding of cultures and how should it proceed for the future? State Scriptures that support your position.

Explain why or why not you think prejudice is an ongoing problem in America. Give examples.


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