Dee Farrell

Christian Publisher


  • Transform Your Pain to Strength

    Life stretches you. Three words that combine into a common saying—easily rolled off the tongue in precise moments of reflection—which belie the pain threading them together. Experience grows. Empathy increases. Wisdom...comes. But, to the one on the rack crying out for it to stop. It is a common saying for common circumstances. Until the pain is yours. Then it is unique to you. If circumstances in your life are stretching you beyond your ability to cope, be encouraged that God has not left you …

  • How to Live A Well Thought Life

    It has been said by numerous studies that today’s young adults are more educated and less happy than previous generations. Their unhappiness is understandable considering that their college degrees do not guarantee them a job. US News reported November 13, 2014, that the average college debt neared $30,000, and for some colleges it was closer to $50,000. I’d be unhappy too if I had to try to pay that off while working at Burger King. But finances are the tip of the iceberg. Advancing self tr…

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