• Jeremiah and the Border Marker of Pharaoh Hophra

    In June 2021 a farmer working in his field near Ismailia, Egypt discovered a sandstone stela carved with ancient writing. It was a border marker of Pharaoh Wahibre also known as Pharaoh Hophra to Jeremiah and Ezekiel.

  • What Do Eric Metaxas, Asaph and Jeremiah Have in Common?

    The Psalms grouped in Book 3, Psalms 73-89 are written by various believers who are living in tumultuous times. Some of them write about victory and others are puzzled by their defeat.

  • Archaeology and the Kingdom of Ararat

    Six years ago, Dishad Marf Zamua learned one man's seat is another man's ancient temple column. Zamua went to Iraqi Kurdistan to study artifacts he connected to an Urartian temple city called Ardini. This area is thought to have been a buffer region between the kingdoms of Urartu and Assyria. Zamua discovered the locals were reusing the ruins of temple column bases as seats or stairs. Talk about an antique.

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