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  • How To Speak Christian Vol.1

    Christianity has its own vocabulary. I learned it the hard way by hearing it and hoping for someone to enlighten me. Of course this was way before Google. Still, I thought it might be helpful to give you a rundown on some of the most used words from an inside the pew perspective. Born again. Not a Matt Damon movie but a state of being. This is the result of asking Jesus into your life. It is like starting over but now Jesus is on the inside of you. In Revelations Jesus says, “I stand at the …

  • Why We Should Live What We Preach

    Christians are strange. At least I thought so as a teen. Now, after I’ve been one for thirty plus years…yeah, Christians can be strange. I used to work in a town with a lot of transplanted southerners. They came to work in the car factories. You could always tell they originated from the south even if they didn’t have an accent by the way they stressed the first part of words. DEE-troit is not an original Michigander pronunciation. We say de-Troi(t) never really sounding the last t, a left…

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