• How Misunderstanding God's Sovereignty Can Keep You Sick

    Recently I read a discussion on the verbs used in Exodus 15:26. The discussion was between those holding an extreme sovereignty view and others wondering if the Hebrew language has a permissive tense for verbs. Dr. Robert Young the author of Young's Literal Translation of the Holy Bible claimed there was such a tense in the Hebrew and others have insisted there isn't. I decided to do a little research myself.

  • Healing? What About Job?

    If you delve into the topic of suffering or healing, it won’t be long until you meet Job. His story is usually pointed to as proof that God uses sickness to teach you a lesson. Persecution for a religious stance is not sickness. It is a fight against the god of this world, and as followers of Jesus it comes to us. We must not confuse the two in a discussion on Job. But there is a huge flashing neon sign, THE BIG PICTURE, believers fail to see. Let’s take a look at Job. Job lived after the flo…

  • When Enemies Are Really Friends

    True friends are hard to come by. But in Matthew 8 and Luke 7 we see a host of them.

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