• Why Your Church Needs Apologetics

    Many Christians shy away from sharing their faith because the person they talk to may reject them. It's a possibility, even for those experienced in evangelism. Just ask Todd White.

  • Why Teach Apologetics?

    Many Christians hesitate to use apologetics in their teaching and writing ministries. Some do not feel qualified. Others believe it unnecessary. There is also the belief that reason does not bring one to trust in Jesus. Let’s consider each objection. Not qualified. The area of apologetics already has experts. We have access to their knowledge by the way of videos, books and conferences. We need not be an expert. Being a seeker yourself is a way of engaging others. Sprinkling questions into…

  • Three Questions Every Christian Should Know How To Answer

    If you are engaged in sharing the gospel today, you know that apologetics is the new evangelism. It is not enough to know what you believe. You must know why and be able to articulate it in words meaningful to the educated skeptic next door. Much like the Pharisees, the atheist may be able to get off by saying, “I don’t know”, but a Christian needs a ready answer. Below are three questions directed to believers. Before you consider them, let’s take a look at the belief that generates these q…

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