Dee Farrell

Christian Publisher


  • When You Wish You Had an Ox

    Driving down a country road, I came upon a succession of white farmhouses, crisp red barns and rolling pastures where beef cattle were grazing: black and red angus, belted Galloways and a few Charolais. It was a scene that reminded me of my childhood and people dear to me. To the descendants of Gershon and Merari, the sight of numerous oxen and carts held a different meaning. These people were part of the tribe of Levi. The Israelites at this time in their history had no permanent temple. They…

  • Do You Have the Courage to Pursue Your Dream?

    Have you ever had a goal, a dream, that somehow faded into the background of your story? Life with its baggage and responsibilities elbowed its way to the center, eating up your time and opportunities. Choices write our stories. Perhaps your choices, good and bad, have led you away from pursuing your dream. Perhaps you think they’ve ended it. Moses was trained as a leader. As the adopted son of the Pharaoh’s daughter, he was educated as a prince in the royal Egyptian court. At forty, he had an…

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