• The Sign of Jacob's Well at Shechem

    Sometimes people can doubt the promises of God. In the middle of a challenge they wonder if His words will prove true. Will the promise they have taken for themselves, depended on, are leaning on with no safety net beneath them, be seen in their life?

    Abraham was a man with an experience. He didn't have a Bible. He didn't have a stone with the  Commandments on it. He didn't have a scroll with the laws of Israel on it. He had a Voice that spoke to him. He had instructions, and he had a promise.

  • Do You Have the Courage to Pursue Your Dream?

    Have you ever had a goal, a dream, that somehow faded into the background of your story? Life with its baggage and responsibilities elbowed its way to the center, eating up your time and opportunities. Choices write our stories. Perhaps your choices, good and bad, have led you away from pursuing your dream. Perhaps you think they’ve ended it. Moses was trained as a leader. As the adopted son of the Pharaoh’s daughter, he was educated as a prince in the royal Egyptian court. At forty, he had an…

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