Define difficult vocabulary. Never assume knowledge. Define words like repent, salvation, righteous, etc. Use organizers like visuals, timelines, charts and maps. Read the Bible story to them. Assign listening tasks. Children must know before they can apply. Ask fact questions: What did Noah build? Who helped him? Let them tell back the story. Use comparing: How were Joshua and Caleb different from the other spies? Use true and false.  Review alot!  Use art, games and openers to drill, review or enhance lessons. Never use empty activities!


Tips for Teaching Children

1.Thank God for the opportunity to share His Word.

2. Ask God to fill you with His Spirit and to show you truth in the Word.

3. Read the portion of Scripture and make notes.

4. Ask, "How does this apply to my life?"

5. Read commentary notes on the section.

6. Research reputable sources on any historical element to the lesson.

7. Research reputable archaeological discoveries relating to the lesson.

8. Incorporate an answer to a common question people have about God.

9. Organize your notes and place any information you want to share where

it will naturally flow in the lesson.

10. Pray for those who will be attending the class.



 Additional tips for pastors, leaders   and youth workers.

Recipe for a Successful Lesson
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