Why Christians Need To Swallow Snakes

    This year I’m reading from The One Year Chronological Bible. This #Bible is ordered chronologically, thus its title, so 1Chronicles is mixed in with Genesis and Job comes with Abraham and other surprises that gives you a historical knowledge of the Bible. It also helps to put the messages of the Prophets in their setting, making it more meaningful to me. Daily readings are easy– just turn to the correct date and begin reading.


    I like this Bible, obviously. The only downside is starting off the year with Job. It is not the most uplifting start to the year, but the account ends better than it begins.


    The important thing is that a reading schedule is a must for the serious Christian. You may think if you’ve read the book through once, why continue reading it every year every day? You hear it in church once a week (maybe twice), right?


    Because this book is not like other books. It is Living. It is able to speak into your life situations and bring lasting help. It is able to leap off the page and illuminate truth. No matter how many times you read it, you will never exhaust its wisdom and ability to speak.


     It may be argued that other faiths have similar books. I would point out that Pharaoh had his magicians too. God gave Moses and Aaron the ability to turn a staff into a snake. It was a faith practitioner show down. Pharaoh called his magicians who also turned a staff into a snake. Then, Moses’ and Aaron’s snake ate Pharaoh’s snake. The magicians also met the challenge of turning water into blood. But this seems to be where it ended for them because they could not reverse one plague. They were powerless to bring help to a besieged nation. That is the problem with every other philosophy that challenges the Bible.


    Biblical truth elevates a people and ultimately a nation. Its truths are the truths environmentalists stand upon to be stewards of creation, because if they stood upon the truths of evolution and survival of the fittest, who would care? The rights of equality, freedom, charity, choice and mercy are not concepts of socialism, Islam, Hinduism or whichever brand of relativity philosophy is popular. 


    For those that will argue Christianity is a new religion and borrowed its concepts from other ancient religions, I would inform them that they must have never read the Bible. It is the beginning of culture. Christians need to swallow the snakes of false philosophies.


    But then, you probably know that. Check out The One Year Chronological Bible.

    What strategy or tool do you use to read the Bible daily and how does it help?


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