What an Eight-Year-Old Knows Might Astonish You

    I am sure that any 8 year old would think you a moron if you lined up four crayons, red, green, yellow, blue and told him  all the crayons are red. He would answer, correctly, “No they are not.” But someday his teacher will instruct, “They are if you think they are.” This is education.


    You see you may think you know something, beings you have lived awhile and have experience in the things of life. Not so. Come to find out, it’s all an illusion. Nothing is real. This is also education.


    Don’t worry; you are not insane. Whatever you think or want to believe is real is perfectly okay – as long as you offer fellow humans and animals the same consideration. Which means by the way that one could believe mowing down another human, never an animal, is perfectly normal while another might name it murder, a politically incorrect and offensive term. That is if you adhere to the ideology completely. But there are exceptions. Like if you follow Allah or were high. If you were drunk, however, you are on your way to the slammer because you are not a responsible drinker. (What does that term really mean anyway?) There are other instances with exceptions: Smoking in public. Bad. You are polluting the air people are breathing, you insensitive cancerous lout. Smoking marijuana. Dude, you are a trend setting/traditional hippie pioneer. Way cool.


     In conclusion, you are free to do whatever you want, until you are not. This too is education.


    If it sounds like chaos, welcome to post-modernism, multicultural values clarification. There is one thing I’d like to clarify, however. If all the above is true, why do I care about bathrooms for transgenders? Gender is an illusion and therefore meaningless. What is feminism? What is chauvinism? Nothing. Gender is fluid. Further,why do I have to care about the planet, the poor, the racist, the victim? Why rescue anyone, animals included, from abuse, harm, addictions, slavery, etc.? In fact, why…anything? If every conflicting value is true, nothing is true. There is no meaning, no purpose in anything anyone thinks or does. Education is void of meaning. Society is void of meaning.


    If you are reacting to my words, bristling at the thought of casting aside empathy and moral good, then I must inform you of your inner eight-year-old. You know there is one red crayon. You know there is one morality. It is not born of science. It is the foundation of science and logic. It is the Rock that holds us from spinning completely into chaos. It is called Truth, and it is embodied in the person of Jesus. If you appeal to any source for what is right, you are appealing to truth and a moral law written on your heart by the hand of your Creator. Wisdom, not merely education, is found in honoring Jesus. A handful of blue-collar fishermen did and their work influenced societal, scientific, medical, technological discoveries and reforms.


    If you would like to learn more, here are some articles and books to read:


    “The Myth of a Value Free Education” by Ronald H. Nash


    “That’s True for You, But Not for Me” by Paul Copan


    What’s So Great About Christianity? Dinesh D'Souza


    The End of Reason Ravi Zacharias


    image by martin vorel


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