Socialism's Search for God


    In Luke 12:31-32,  Jesus tells us to “...seek the kingdom” and then encourages us further by saying, “Do not be afraid...your Father [is] pleased to give you the kingdom.” (NIV)


    But what is the Kingdom?


    It is a place of total reliance on God. Jesus said the Kingdom is at hand and set out to demonstrate how it worked. He taught, “Have faith in God,” (Mark 11:22 is one example) for health, for peace, for prosperity and for success. We are to ask, Jesus taught, because we will receive.


    The source for everything in the Kingdom is God. God said His name is I AM, and filled in adjectives like Healer, Provider and Peace when needed. That is the point: He is pleased to give.


    The  slow, continual rise of socialism in America is not surprising when you understand people are drawn to its promises to give them health, peace, prosperity and success.  They hope of a fatherly governing authority who is fair, just and generous. People attracted to this type of government are expressing an imprint from their Creator and a need only He can meet.


    But socialism fails in fulfilling its promises because it is man-centered.


    It is doomed from the outset because man has a heart that is corrupt: "The heart is deceitful above all things, and it is exceedingly corrupt..." (Jeremiah 17:9 ASV)  Socialism’s hope dissolves in manipulation, covetessness, greed, despair and lack—  the very opposite outcomes that it pledged to give. For proof one only needs to visit a socialist country and the glittering facade shatters like the glass house it is.


    Socialism is humanistic and atheist by nature. It has substituted the state for God. It has proven to create the poor and live off of them like a parasite.


    But equality does not mean the same in the Kingdom as it is idealized in socialism. It is not the Even-Steven mentality offered in daycare. Romans10:11-12 states “Anyone who trusts in [God] will not be put to shame.” (NIV) High, low, rich, poor, anyone of any cultural identity enjoys access. But Jesus taught parables to help us understand Kingdom equality and humility:

    • Three men were given talents in different measures and judged by their use of them. 
    • Three groups of people were hired and an agreement made with each concerning their wages. One group worked all day, one part of the day and one for a short time. All were paid the same wage. 
    • A faithful son served his father for years while his brother squandered his inheritance and returned repentant and disgraced. The father loved them equally.


    The Kingdom is a place where there are few requirements.  But they are a total committment. Love and obedience. We are to love God with all our heart all our mind all our strength, and if we love Him, we will obey Him. And He promises to help us.


    It is a place of great responsibility and accountability. Jesus warns in Luke 12:48, “From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded, and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.” But in true fatherly form, God works with you and for you, helping you complete whatever you have been given. My yoke is easy He declares. My burden is light.


    Sadly, socialism’s yoke is hard and heavy for those it promises to help. But it is made to seem easy. It sounds good. It requires no change of behavior and asks little of your character. And that seems to be its biggest appeal and the root of its flaws.

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