• Redeemed

    We are adding to our children's materials. Here is a video from our series Who Am I? Check out the workbook here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1960210017

  • Round or Square: The Controversy Over Jesus' Tomb

    The size and shape of the stone sealing Jesus' tomb has been studied and the results may differ from the images we are familiar with. Perhaps that isn't a big deal, but it could be if you take the arguments for a square tomb as fact. Let's take a look at the scholars' claims, and I'll give you five reasons the Bible disagrees with them.

  • Who Am I? Your God Identity

    We have been busy crafting workbooks for elementary aged children, and ta da! I'd like to introduce our newest title, Who Am I? Your God Identity. 

  • The Sign of Jacob's Well at Shechem

    Sometimes people can doubt the promises of God. In the middle of a challenge they wonder if His words will prove true. Will the promise they have taken for themselves, depended on, are leaning on with no safety net beneath them, be seen in their life?

    Abraham was a man with an experience. He didn't have a Bible. He didn't have a stone with the  Commandments on it. He didn't have a scroll with the laws of Israel on it. He had a Voice that spoke to him. He had instructions, and he had a promise.

  • Did Archaeologists Find Bethsaida, Peter's House of Fish?

    Scholars debate whether the home of Peter and Andrew was in Capernaum or Bethsaida. The towns are about six miles or so apart. But then, scholars also argue over the location of Bethsaida.

  • Who Were The Magi?

    We do not know who they were, or do we? We do not know how they heard about the prophecies of Jesus, or do we? We do not know where they were from, or do we? The truth is, the Bible tells us more about them than you might think.

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