Me? Unthankful? Not Really...

    How many times do you say thank you a day? Alot right? At least we are supposed to.


    But the United States didn't make the top ten list of the friendliest, or most polite, places to visit. Michigan shares a border with a country supposedly legendary for their politeness. Michiganders have always raised our skeptic snow covered brows at that one. We are nice too...aren't we? Turns out, Canada made the list and Michigan didn't.


    Okay. Deep breath. It seems we're more famous for our lead water. Even so we've been voted #12 for best state to visit. Go figure.


    But back to thankfulness–


    Did you know being grateful keeps you healthy?


    Gratitude can make us live longer and equips us to be better problem solvers. Dr. Caroline Leaf  says gratitude can starve toxic thinking. Toxic thinking produces diseases in our bodies. Instead of focusing on toxic thoughts like replaying negative scenarios in our head, defeat, bitterness, anger, etc., we can discipline our attention on something we are thankful for. The toxic thoughts disappear in this grateful atmosphere.


    God has a lot to say about being thankful and advises us to rejoice always, and this verse is in a section addressing the cares of our lives. (1Thessalonians 5)  We are to be anxious for nothing. (Philippians 4) Why? Because God loves us. And with thanksgiving, and the knowledge that God loves us, we are able to come near to Him.


    Today you are probably remembering all you can thank Him for. I know you have made this a daily attitude, or at least are working on it. Me too. Saying thank you is just good manners, and apparently Americans as a whole don't do it enough. But we are making the decision today to give thanks with a grateful heart to the God who is all and above all, the only God by which we can be saved.


    As we gather around our table today, we are thanking God for you. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families.


    Image by Ayo Ogunseinde courtesy of Unsplash


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